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Here, Russell ran down Hawks guard Jack Colemanwho had received an outlet pass at midcourt, and blocked his shot despite the fact that Russell had been standing at his own baseline when the ball was thrown to Coleman.

Jones to lead the Dons to 56 consecutive victories and NCAA Championships in and although Jones missed four games of the tournament because his eligibility had expired.

Although it was merely competent on offense, he felt it was the best defensive unit ever. This would occur repeatedly throughout his career. The relationship between the two rookies remained reserved.

Bill Russell

Over to Sam Jones. Louis in order to be with his sick son, if the Hawks gave up Russell.

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Russell is the champion of champions, as he owns the most NBA championship rings of any player in the history of the game, with 11, and has been winning off the court for a half-century.

Although he was tough and durable, the slender Russell was not a muscleman or a big banger. If he had a defensive blemish, it was resting off these players too frequently, waiting for them to make one or two jumpers before extending his coverage: In overtime, Baylor fouled out the fourth forward, Frank Ramseyso Russell was completely robbed of his usual four-men wing rotation.

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In Game 5, Russell contributed 28 rebounds, 10 blocks, seven assists and six steals. Take him out and we can beat them Red Auerbach, who is regarded as one of the top basketball minds the game has ever seen, was enamored with Russell and willing to do nearly anything to get him. Louis Hawks, led by star forward Bob Pettitwho held several all-time scoring records.

Bill Russell

The argument was that, while other centers were better than Russell -- that is, they had more conventional skills -- no player meant more to his team. The Celtics won a league-record 62 games, and Russell averaged Russell was hit in the hand with a pitch in September by Mike Lacoss of the Cincinnati Reds, shattering his right forefinger.

Bill Russell - #6 - Boston Celtics

The Celtics earned another post-season appearance, where they defeated the Syracuse Nationals 4—1 in the Eastern Division Finals. In the publicly available games, the number of blocked shots is staggering.

Bill Russell caught flipping off Vince Carter at NBA Summer League

Bill Russell won 11 championships with the Celtics in 13 seasons. This data is only available from select games in which field goal attempts were recorded.

His autobiography, Second Wind: William Felton Russell Born: That generational athleticism also opened up transition opportunities and offensive rebounding chances. The United States dominated the tournament, winning by an average of. Off-Broadway News Unexpected Joy, New Musical by Janet Hood and Side Show’s Bill Russell, Extends Off-Broadway.

His defining athletic attribute was explosive leaping, reaching shot-blocking altitudes in the blink of an eye. Here’s a year old Russell, in one of the last sequences of his career, inhaling an overmatched Mel Counts drive. “Bill Russell was the greatest team basketball player ever.[He] has produced a moving tribute to his friend and, in a larger sense, to friendship.”.

Learn more about retired NBA center Bill Russell, including his childhood and his career with the Boston Celtics, at Get the latest news, career stats and more about not available Bill Russell on Red Auerbach was one of the greatest basketball coaches in sports history.

Bill Russell was the star center and five-time MVP for Auerbach's Celtics, and together they won eleven championships in .

Bill russell
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