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For growth that is sustainable over the long term, the industry must first develop more options in accommodation, domestic travel and activities for visitors.

Fixing the tourism industry

We will then not allow any more hotels along the lake as we think that we already reached the breaking point in tourism development. When doing grocery shopping, be an example to the shoppers around us and bring along a reusable bag for our purchases.

Myanmar Hotels and Travel Guide

Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp Elephant camps have a bad reputation in the tourism world, with overworked elephants subjected to riding and circus-like tricks.

Get off the beaten tracks and away from tourist crowds to help to spread the economic benefit of tourism to places that get less than the tourist hotspots. However, to be even more memorable, it has to be the story of a fair, respectful, and viable expedition around Myanmar.

This will take more than short term government incentives to fix. Over the next sixty years, diplomacy, raids, treaties and compromises continued until, after three Anglo-Burmese Wars —Britain proclaimed control over most of Burma.

Yangon (Rangoon) Tourism: Best of Yangon (Rangoon)

Want to learn more about travelling in Myanmar. They do not have guides on site so advance bookings are required. We love the country we live in and we want it for generations to come.

But the struggle in tourism is more deep-seated than just a fall in western tourists. Lets make smart choices and protect the local people and the environment, while leaving a positive impact on everything and everybody were come across directly or indirectly.

Inthe Tourism Master Plan was created, targeting 7. By Marchwithin months after they entered the war, Japanese troops had advanced on Rangoon and the British administration had collapsed.

In the west, a politically fragmented Arakan was under competing influences of its stronger neighbours until the Kingdom of Mrauk U unified the Arakan coastline for the first time in Yet over the years their population has dwindled, dipping below 60 in the early s. A Environmental Sustainability The objective here is to protect the environment.

Namsang Travel Guide & Tips, Myanmar

Early on, Ava fought wars of unification — but could never quite reassemble the lost empire. How about Bed and Breakfast or Guest Houses run by locals. Explore Pack For A Purpose We are proud members of Pack for a Purpose, an initiative that allows travelers like you to make a lasting impact in the community at your travel destination.

The objective is to leave only positive influences on the local people with little, or no change, to their way of life. The area offers a wide-range of accommodation from luxurious riverside hotels Green Hill Valley is the antithesis of this.

Throughout the colonial era, many Indians arrived as soldiers, civil servants, construction workers and traders and, along with the Anglo-Burmese community, dominated commercial and civil life in Burma. Myanmar Diaries is proud to be the 18th and we hope to be followed by many more.

Tourism in Burma

We are Sustainable, we are Travelife Partner. This can include signing up for volunteer work, sharing your culture, sharing your tourist money, and just sharing your good heart and respectful behaviour. Although Burma possesses great tourist potential and attractions in many fields, much of the industry remains to be developed.

Be very discreet when taking photos of people. Beautiful Myanmar is stepping out of a chequered past into a new era of hope and optimism. Be dazzled by shimmering cities of gilded temples, enlivened by emerald green landscapes and humbled by the warm smiles of gracious villagers.

Now is the time to contribute to Myanmar's blossoming future - book your tour now. Yangon (formerly known as Rangoon) is no longer the capital of Myanmar, but it has experienced a huge increase in tourism recently.

Book early, as hotel rooms are sometimes hard to find! While you’re in town, the Shwedagon Pagoda, an immense, ancient Buddhist shrine, is a must-see—TripAdvisor. THE TOURISM industry in Myanmar has grown rapidly since reforms began inwith Ministry of Hotels and Tourism figures showing that the total number of foreign arrivals has soared from million in to million last year.

A lively street culture and modern, commercial buildings vie for attention among Authentic, Local & Safe · Private & Personal · Financial Security · Ground Support/10 ( reviews).

Myanmar travel & tourism news for travelers and travel professionals. Latest travel and tourism news on Myanmar.

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Latest news on safety, hotels, resorts, attractions, tours and transportation in. As Myanmar is a religious oriented country, local demands are high in religious and Pilgrimage tourism most because of the government and local societies and religious organizations were promoting and supporting in religious and Pilgrimage tourism as the country is Buddhist country.

Myanmar tourism
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